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Safe Ship
San Antonio
9257 Culebra Rd
San Antonio TX

next to Little Caesars Pizza

(210) 446-4735



Store Hours:
8:30am to 7:00pm
10:00am to 3:00pm
Closed on Sunday


Safe Ship offers world-class customer service and the very best prices. We are your Certified U.S. Post Office Retail Postal Center-that means we do all the post office services at the same price as the post office.  Our $0.49 stamps cost you $0.49 not $0.60 like our competitors charge. If they are ripping you off by overcharging you for a stamp, how much more are they ripping you off and everything else???

Safe Ship is your FedEx Authorized Ship Center, DHL Authorized Shipping Center, Estafeta Specialty Shipping to Mexico, UMAC Consolidated Shipping to the Philippines, Truck Freight Hub, and your home and small business headquarters – all in one convenient location.

Safe Ship  is your perfect partner for Notary, color copies, document destruction, document downloading, printing, office supplies and all sorts of other items and services for the busy road warrior, small business professional and home office entrepreneur.

We are packing experts. With our patented BoxMakerPRO™ box making machine, we can make any size ultra-strong, shipping container. We make the perfect boxes for fragile glassware, custom artwork, statues, any type of high-value merchandise.

Our highly trained packing engineers know the safest way to pack every item possible. We have shipped multi-million dollar pieces of artwork, designer dishes, expensive jewelry, classic automobiles, and so much more.

Plus, Safe Ship provides small business services like notary, color copies, complete fax service, mailboxes, document destruction, Internet downloads, and other services.

We can Pack High Value, Over Sized & Extremely Fragile Shipments.
We are highly trained packing professionals and we are not finished until your package arrives at its destination safely.